product-circle-desktopGear for Guitar Gods

Wedging your picks in the guitar guard?
Duct tape.
Who needs it?
Thinking of clipping your pick on the mic stand all night?
Old school.
Pick Grips are a new way to hold your picks on your guitar. No springs, no tape. And what’s even better – your name is on it. Whether you play in a band on the weekends or own a universally recognized music company, Pick Grips has you covered. Go ahead — choose your color and imprint color and whether you want to hold one pick or five.
Legendary guitarists didn’t get great by doing what everyone else did. Neither should you. Buck tradition – throw away your duct tape and get a grip.

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Pick Grips pick holder is the hottest product to hit the market for fretted instruments. If you’re a guitarist or basist, you’ll want to get your hands on a grip.

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